We put all our soul

Anastasia Aslanyan 

founder / event and wedding planner

During my childhood and as a student I always participated in different kind of events, taking part in everything from brainstorming till realization. I graduated with honours from the university where I chose management as my profession with specialization in marketing and communication.

Afterwards I worked for well-known companies, where I was not only the part of creative team but also held and realized huge advertising projects and events. After preparing my own wedding for 200 people and understanding how even the smallest details are important, I was full of ideas.

For me, event management are more like a hobby, a favorite hobby that inspires. That's why when we moved from Moscow to Lugano I didn't give up the idea of being Wedding and Event planner. I became even more enthusiastic being surrounded by all the beauty of Ticino and neighbor Italy as it's a paradise for celebrating different kind of events.



Margherita Orlandi


event and wedding planner



I was born and raised in Lecco, on the shores of a lake that still is still moving and inspiring to me. At the Art School with architecture specialization my passion for art grew more and more, together with that for furniture, two aspects that helped raising my awareness as to the notion of elegance.

Then I took the degree in Communication Sciences at the Cattolica University of Milan, with the event marketing specialization. I love relating with the others, knowing, learning and understanding what makes a person happy, … or rather two persons, actually. This was exactly what led me to approaching the world of events organization and, specifically, weddings. Because to me... “Life is beautiful”, as the title of what I consider a cult movie.

I achieved my experience in the Wedding Planner agencies, despite impossible schedules and the widest rage of requests, the successes, the acknowledgements and the smiles led me to continue my activity in this field.