Anastasia Aslanyan 


During my childhood and as a student I always participated in different kind of events, taking part in everything from brainstorming till realization.


I graduated with honors from the university where I chose management as my profession with specialization in marketing,  communication and entrepreneurship.


Afterwards I worked for well-known companies, where I was not only the part of creative team but also held and realized huge advertising projects and events.


When I moved to the lakes' region "Happy Moments Collector" was founded as I could't resist the beauty of the nature and my passion for events.


I really feel so lucky to have a dream job, bringing happiness to couples in an incredibly beautiful country.

Daria Fiorano

senior event and wedding planner

My ‘dolce vita’ began when in 2010 I moved to the Como lake to start a new page of my life in this incredible country.


After graduating with honors from Foreign Trade Academy I studied liberal arts in Piedmont to understand its language, culture, history and fall in love definitely and absolutely.

Living on the Como Lake  with my Italian family I understand why this place has been inspiring couples all over the world  to celebrate their magic moments in such a romantic place.


Why Italy is a well known dream wedding destination? It is the biggest open museum in the world and the sunny weather, delicious food go without saying. In short, La Dolce Vita.

Nadia Mironova

senior event and wedding planner

I fell in love with Italy starting from the music and my passion to it. When I moved to Tuscany - the city of Art and Culture, not a surprise I got inspired and thrilled.


I have degree in Economics at the same time being a professional musician - jazz singer.

I have always been in events' planning and I find it to be my vocation. Smiles and shining eyes make me feel so happy.


I find Italy to be the best combination for any event - beautiful nature,  sunny and warm weather, emotional people, incredible architecture, tasty food and talented artists - what can be better?